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About Us

About Us

Our Mission

'To improve the mental health and emotional resilience of the people who love rock and alternative music'.

From our founders, to the sponsors and ambassadors,
and the people on the ground making it all happen - we are all focused on our mission.
With a shared vision, we come together to support our community, and reignite the passion for living life out loud.




What we do

We provide 100% free mental health counselling to people aged 18 - 35 who associate and connect with Alt music. 
Using custom built counselling rooms in music studios and venues to create spaces where people can feel relaxed and at home. 

Why we do it

We believe life should be enjoyed.
So after Chester Bennington took his own life in 2017 we decided that more needed to be done up support our community, and and help bring people back to a place where they can love life. 

How we do it

Through events, fundraisers and donations we employ level 5 qualified counsellors to deliver counselling in 1-2-1, group, and seminar settings. 
Delivering counselling in a non-judgmental and non-clinical environment. 


About the Uprawr Mental Health Foundation


UPRAWR Mental Health Foundation is a brand new mental health charity committed to helping people between the ages of 18 and 35 who can relate to the rock and alternative music scene with which the UPRAWR brand has become synonymous.

UPRAWR launched twelve years ago as a rock, pop punk and metal club night. In that time we’ve operated across the UK, opened music studios and launched a music publishing company.

After Chester Bennington took his own life we decided more needed to be done to help the rock and alternative community, and with rising numbers of young people suffering from mental health issues in the UK it seems obvious that someone had to take action and create something new – turning traditional means of getting help on it’s head to create something that truly understood the needs of the alternative community.