Now the dust has settled a little and we’ve had time to catch our collective breaths and reflect on UPRAWR Mental Health Foundation’s charity launch . . . 

WOW - just wow, what an awesome night! THANK YOU to everyone who came and listened and a massive thanks to the guest speakers who, without doubt, captivated the audience with their own personal stories of how poor mental health has affected them, those around them and the steps they think are needed to improve everyone’s outlook via education and talking to remove the stigma surrounding mental health.

Everyone at the Foundation was a nervous wreck leading up to the night, with some putting in 18-hour days just to try to make sure everything was in place for the big unveiling. Hopefully, everyone there on the night could see the effort and hours and thought it worth it.

The night was hosted by Tom Ross who delivered the opening speech before inviting Mike Jeffries from Mind to the stage to speak. Following Mike we were joined by Oliver Phelps (George Weasley from the Harry Potter movies) who gave his first ever public speech about his own mental health, speaking openly and honestly about the difficulties he's had to overcome.

Concluding the guest speaking portion of the night was our music industry panel comprising Clare Maxwell - BMG/ Rise Records, Mike Exeter - Producer, - Emilina - Fasion Blogger, Lais Waring - LD Communications and Leadley - 4music!

The video launch was the centrepiece to the night, it heralded the start of something special and following Jack Daniel’s introduction it was played and received massive positive feedback from the audience and more widely on social media following its online publication.

Following the video the board of trustees was announced and a brief Q&A session took place with the Board answering questions on their various roles and involvement within the organisation.

The night was rounded off with a chance for everyone to mingle, ask questions and seek information from our onsite counsellors to whom we owe a massive debt of gratitude, not only for speaking and offering their services, but also in the lead up to the event, their help and guidance has been invaluable.

All present were given access to the counselling suits and reception area and were walked through the process from a person’s first reaching out for help to the initial meeting and the following services on offer thereafter.

The real work starts now, the concept is proven and the compliance is in place and we’re ready to go. The last part before we go live is funding - we need to fund the first 12 months of service to ensure we offer critical continuity.

You can help. Please, if you do nothing else today, share our video via your social media, let’s get something positive out there in a time of negativity. Together we can make a difference so please do the easiest thing you can do today and click and share.

Thank you again to all those who came and listened and also to those who spoke so passionately about themselves, their problems and advocating and validating what Uprawr Mental Health Foundation can achieve.

Remember - small steps change lives, so let’s together give stigma the finger.