We need all the supprt we can get in order to help and support other people.
The more donations we and money we receive the more counselling we'll be able to provide.

Hear are a few easy ways you can help us out that don't cost you money:

Birthday Fundraiser

Setting up a fundraiser on Facebook is super quick and easy. In just a few clicks you can have one set up and shared for people to donate to. 
We've had Birthday fundraisers raise everything from £1 to £350 and no matter what it raises we're very grateful for your support. 

If you need help setting one up you can click the button at the bottom for a help sheet :) 

Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile is a great way to raise money if you have an amazon account. 
Simply put, Amazon gives us money on your behalf... 
In your Amazon account settings you have the option to set a charity to donate to. If you set it to UPRAWR Mental Health Foundation every time you order something Amazon will automatically donate to us. 
This is 100% free to you and only costs amazon money. 

This can be set in just a few seconds with a couple of clicks. Please see the sheet at the bottom of this post for help. 

The Giving Machine

Much like amazon smile the Giving Machine generates donations at no cost to you. 

Create an account at The Giving Machine and they do the work. They have 1000s of stores signed up that donate when you make an order and sometimes it can be a massive percentage.

If you need help setting it up you can click the button at the bottom for a help sheet :)